No More Heroes

A personal project consisting of four silkscreen printed square posters, dedicated to the words of four influential figures in my upbringing — my heroes. The prints focus on a quotation from each person, through imagery to represent and emphasise their words, and using opacities of standard and metallic ink to heighten their sense of value. All posters are hand printed by myself onto GF Smith Colorplan paper.

John Peel print
John Peel print

"Listen mate, life has surface noise." — John Peel
(responding to a claim that CDs are better than records because they "don't have surface noise")

Mark E Smith print

"If you're gonna play it out of tune, play it out of tune properly" — Mark E. Smith

Mos Def print

"Young bloods can't add but they can rock you at Playstation" — Mos Def

Bill Hicks print

"Don't worry. Don't be afraid ever, because this is just a ride" — Bill Hicks